Passport Holder Exporters in India

There is a big market for passport holder exporters in India. A passport holder is an important travel accessory that helps to keep a person’s documents and tickets organised and safe. There are a number of different types of passport holders available on the market, including leather passport holders, passport holders with RFID blocking, and passport holders with built-in chargers.

Passport holders are popular with both men and women, and there is a wide range of prices and styles available to meet the needs of all consumers. Indian companies that want to export passport holders should consider focusing on high-quality, fashionable products that India is a key player in the passport holder market. The country exports a wide range of passport holders to countries around the world. The most popular type of passport holder that is exported from India is the leather passport holder.


Leather is a popular material for passport holders because it is durable and stylish. Indian manufacturers use a variety of techniques to create unique and attractive leather passport holders. Some of the most popular techniques include tooling, carving, and embossing.

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